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Catalogue of Fable and Emblem Books

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Books 41 to 52






E55782 La Fontaine, Jean de (1621-1695) (Gustave Doré illustrator) THE FABLES OF JEAN DE LA FONTAINE, Translated into English Verse by Walter Thornbury. To which is added An Essay on his Life and Works, also, The Life of Aesop, The Phrygian. Profusely Illustrated by Gustave Doré. 1880 approx. Price: GBP 65.00 or USD 82.00

E56984 Garthwaite, L. MADRAS READERS - THE SECOND ENGLISH BOOK 1883 Price: GBP 18.00 or USD 23.00

E60472 Lausch, Ernest and Franz Otto NEUES FABELBUCH Ein goldnes ABC der guten Sitten in ausgewaehlten Fabeln, Spruechen & Sprichwoertern fuer die Kinderstube .. Mit 82 Text-Abbildungen .. 1884 Price: GBP 15.00 or USD 19.00

E74355 Aesop translated Samuel Croxall edited by Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend THE FABLES OF AESOP Translated into English by Samuel Croxall, D.D. With New Applications, Morals, &c. by the Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend, Editor of "The Arabian Nights' Entertainments" .. With Eighty Original Illustrations. 1887 by inscription Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 38.00

E64259 Jacobs, Joseph (edits and introduces) FABLES OF AESOP as first printed by WILLIAM CAXTON in 1484 with those of Avian, Alfonso and Poggio. I HISTORY OF THE AESOPIC FABLE. 1889 Price: GBP 28.00 or USD 35.00

E59437 Serl,Emma IN FABLELAND 1911 approx) Price: GBP 15.00 or USD 19.00

E17437 Tilney,F.C (renders into English.prose) LaFontaine ORIGINAL FABLES OF LA FONTAINE 1920 approx) Price: GBP 9.00 or USD 11.00

E54381 Aesop FABLES FROM AESOP [in series STORIES OLD AND NEW] 1964 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

E49928 La Fontaine, Jean de (1621-1695) translated by Elizur Wright JEAN DE LA FONTAINE THE FABLES A Selection Rendered into the English Language by Elizur Wright and adorned throughout with Illustrations & Decorations after Gustave Doré 1975 Price: GBP 16.00 or USD 20.00

J5653 Anon FAVOURITE ANIMAL STORIES 1979 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

E74437 Lobel, Arnold FABLES Written and Illustrated by Arnold Lobel 1980 Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 10.00

J69494 Braum's - adapted from Aesop's fables BRAUM'S FUN WITH FABLES adapted from Aesop's fables 1980s approx Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

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