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J65694 PRAYERS FOR LITTLE ONES Pop-up Book 1964 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00


J63517 YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR & GUARDIAN for 1820 vol 4 (Instructor on TP but Instructer to all issues) 1820 Price: GBP 12.00 or USD 17.00

J63283 SANTA'S SLEIGH RIDE a pop-up storybook 1994 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

A74480 Silk embroidered Christmas card 1920s approx. Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

J62830 CHRISTMAS CAROL A pop-up Christmas Classic N D Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

J62828 FIRST CHRISTMAS N D Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

J61816 SANTA'S CIRCUS 1953 Price: GBP 9.00 or USD 13.00

J61576 JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN N D Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 12.00

J50491 CHRISTMAS CAROL a pop-up Book 1989 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 4.00

J59040 TEDDY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS N D Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 4.00

V64598 A'Kempis, Thomas (1380-1471) Italian version by J. Gerson DELL' IMITAZIONE DI CRISTO DI TOMASO DE KEMPIS, Canonico Regol. Volgarmente intitolato Gio: Gersone. 1709 from imprimatur Price: GBP 135.00 or USD 189.00

V73293 A'Kempis,Thomas (1380-1471) translated by George Stanhope w.added Meditations & Prayers for Sick persons, THE CHRISTIAN'S PATTERN OR, A TREATISE OF THE IMITATION OF JESUS CHRIST. In four books. Written originally in Latin, by Thomas a` Kempis. Now rendered into English. To which are added, Meditations and Prayers for sick persons. By George Stanhope, D. D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty. 1809 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 63.00

V72163 Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius (1486?-1535) HENRICI CORNELII AGRIPPAE ab Nettesheym, DE INCERTITUDINE ET VANITATE SCIENTIARUM Declamatio invectiva, denuo ab autore recognita, & marginalibus annotationibus aucta. Capita tractandorum totius operis, sequentes indicant pagellae. 1540 approx but no date given] Price: GBP 750.00 or USD 1050.00

V66096 Allestree,Richard) (but no Author given on TP) WORKS ie Whole Duty of Man, Gentleman's Calling, Ladies Calling, Government of the Tongue, Art of Contentment + Lively oracles given to Us + more (see below) 1704 Price: GBP 240.00 or USD 336.00

V74454 Allestree,Richard] Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c. THE LIVELY ORACLES GIVEN TO US. Or The Christians Birth-right and Duty .. [bound with] THE GOVERNMENT OF THE TONGUE 1679, 1675 Price: GBP 90.00 or USD 126.00

P267 American Tract Society THE VINE. "I am the True Vine." Price 2 cents. Published by the American Tract Society, and for sale at the General Depository, Andover, Ms. & by agents of the Society throughout the U. States. 1826 approx. Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 42.00

J66244 Anon MOTHER'S LEGACY; or, Youth's Closet Companion BOUND WITH: THE FRIEND OF PIETY; or, Family devotions for each day of the week 1824, 1824 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 63.00

J71643 Anon KING CHRISTMAS 1890 Price: GBP 28.00 or USD 38.00

A72358 Anon THE INVALID'S FRIEND Published under the Direction of the Tract Committee (bound with) THE INVALID'S FRIEND PART II 1882 by printer's code Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

V68804 Anon INCENSE TO OUR INFANT KING 1890s) Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

J68069 Anon A FEW LEISURE HOURS 1856 to 1860 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

P2564 Anon THE CHURCH CATECHISM Broken into Short Questions: to which is added, an explanation of some of the words. 1848 Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 11.00

V71483 Anon (an unnamed Augustinian from Cologne) VITA B. IOANNIS CHISII a Maciaretto Ordinis Eremitarum S.P. Augustini [life of Ioannis Chisius, Giovanni Chigi d. 1363] 1641 Price: GBP 190.00 or USD 266.00

V74274 Anonymous Editor CONCORDANTIAE BIBLIORUM id est, Dictiones Omnes quae in Vulgata Editione Latina Librorum Veteris et Novi Testamenti leguntur, ordine digestae, et ita distinctae, ut Maximae et absolutissimae (quas offert haec Editio) Concordantiae dici possint. Opus Sacrarum literarum studiosis, non minus utile quam necessarium. Nunc tandem post omnes, quae hactenus prodierunt editiones, a multis mendis repurgatum, necessariis distinctionibus illustratum, vocum multarum numero locupletatum, aliisque subsidiis ornatum, quae subiecta ad Theologiae studiosos admonitio demonstrat. 1600 Price: GBP 1400.00 or USD 1960.00

A67033 Armagh,Archbishop of & A.S. Peake STUDY BIBLE - Revelation - a little library of exposition with New Studies 1930 Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

J71294 Ashby,Elizabeth C. SCRIPTURE TEACHINGS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN by Elizabeth C. Ashby New Edition 1880 by inscription Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 11.00

V74453 Author of The Whole Duty of Man, &c. [Richard Allestree] THE ART OF CONTENTMENT 1677 Price: GBP 65.00 or USD 91.00

F70126 Bailey,Philip James] (1816-1902) but only "By a Student" on titlepage THE BEAUTIES OF FESTUS with Descriptive Index. 1884 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

J48711 Birley, Caroline A HEAP OF STONES 1885 (by inscription) Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

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