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Catalogue of Royalty

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V74781 Baker, Richard (Sir Richard) A CHRONICLE OF THE KINGS OF ENGLAND From the time of the ROMANS Government, unto the Death of KING JAMES. 1684 Price: GBP 750.00 or USD 1050.00

V72140 Fry,William Thomas (1789-1843) engraver A GENEALOGICAL CHART OF THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF ENGLAND from the Reign of William the Conqueror to that of His Most Gracious Majesty William the Fourth. 1835 approx) Price: GBP 100.00 or USD 140.00

V74431 Camden, William (1551-1623) ANNALES RERUM ANGLICARUM ET HIBERNICARUM REGNANTE ELIZABETHA Autore Guil. Camdeno. Prima pars emendatior, altera nunc primum in lucem edita. 1625 Price: GBP 450.00 or USD 630.00

V51614 Walpole,Horace CATALOGUE OF THE ROYAL AND NOBLE AUTHORS OF ENGLAND With Lists of their Works in Two Volumes 1759 Price: GBP 135.00 or USD 189.00

A13062 Namesake Library CHARLES and ANNE 1951 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

K524 Trimmer,Dr.Eric COMPLETE BOOK OF SLIMMING AND DIETS 1981 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

A4381 Anon CORONATION OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II June 1953 1953] Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

A52656 Talbot,Godfrey COUNTRY LIFE BOOK OF THE ROYAL FAMILY 1980 Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

J74747 Burton, Elaine (Member of Parliament) CROWN THE QUEEN Card Game - A Family Game for 2-3 or 4 Players of All Ages 1953 approx Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 11.00

A58546 Bullock,Charles CROWNED TO SERVE a Coronation Welcome to our King & Queen [Edward VII and Queen Alexandra] 1902 according to British Library) Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

A71740 Langton,Sarah DAILY GRAPHIC ROYAL FAMILY PICTURE ANNUAL Volume One 1952 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

V70275 Salmasius,Claude] (1588-1653) DEFENSIO REGIA PRO CAROLO I ad serenissimum Magnae Britanniae Regem Carolum II,filium natu majorem,heredem & successorem legitimum. 1650 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 196.00

A73871 Morton, Andrew DIANA Her True Story 1992 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

C67804 Guild, Vera P. DOLLMAKER'S WORKSHOP complete instructions for creating more than 60 enchanting dolls. 1982 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

A57008 Anon EDWARD OUR KING 1936) Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

A58089 Groom,A.V. EDWARD THE EIGHTH - Our King 1936) Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

V68601 Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685) (actual Author Unknown) EIKON BASILIKE DEUTERA the Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majesty King Charles II, with his reasons for turning Roman Catholick / published by K. James. Found in the strong box. 1694 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 350.00

V72132 Sanderson,Robert (1587-1663) EPISCOPACY (As Established by Law in England) Not Prejudicial to REGAL POWER. Written in the time of the Long Parliament by the special Command of the late KING [Charles I], By the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert Sanderson, Late Lord Bishop of Lincoln. The Third Edition. 1683 Price: GBP 235.00 or USD 329.00

F62956 Sitwell,Edith FANFARE FOR ELIZABETH 1946 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A6423 Gorman,Major J.T. GEORGE VI, King and Emperor 1937 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 4.00

F73116 Bentley, Nicolas GOLDEN SOVEREIGNS and some of lesser value from Boadicea to Elizabeth II 1971 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A73110 Talbot, Godfrey (contributing editor) H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II A Celebration of Forty Years 1992 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 4.00

A70961 Clarke,J. Erskine (selected and arranged by) HEART MUSIC for Working People selected and arranged by J.Erskine Clarke, M.A. Hon.Sec. of the Working Men's Association, Derby; Editor of the Parish Magazine. 1863 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 63.00

V74577 Holland, Henry [here given as H.H.] (1583-1650?) HEROOLOGIA ANGLICA [first "o" printed as Greek omega] hoc est Clarissimorum et Doctissimorum aliqout [sic] Anglorum qui floruerunt ab Anno Christi M.D. usq[ue] ad Presentem Annum M.D.C.XX Vivae Effigies Vitae et elogia Duobus tomis Authore H.H. Anglo Britanno 1620 Price: GBP 4250.00 or USD 5950.00

V69515 Flechier,Abbe HISTOIRE DE THEODOSE LE GRAND pour Monseigneur Le Dauphin. 1682 Price: GBP 98.00 or USD 137.00

V68713 Johnston,Robert ( 1567?-163 HISTORIA RERUM BRITANNICARUM: ut et multarum Gallicarum, Belgicarum & Germanicarum, tam politicarum quam ecclesiasticarum, ab anno 1572 ad annum 1628 1655 Price: GBP 450.00 or USD 630.00

V57269 Tytler,William) but no author given HISTORICAL & CRITICAL ENQUIRY INTO THE .. EARLS OF MURRAY & MORTON AGAINST MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.. 1760 Price: GBP 125.00 or USD 175.00

V70337 Bacon, Francis First Baron Verulam (1561-1626) and Francis Godwyn Bishop of Hereford (also written Godwin) HISTORY OF THE REIGNS of Henry the Seventh, Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, and Queen Mary the first written by the Right Honourable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban ; the other three by the Right Honourable and Right Reverend Father in God, Francis Godwyn, Lord Bishop of Hereford 1676 Price: GBP 240.00 or USD 336.00

A73852 Hammond, Canon illustrated by Muriel F.L. Hammond HOW AND WHY OUR KING [Edward VII] WILL BE CROWNED 1902 Price: GBP 10.00 or USD 14.00

V69681 Oliva,Joannis Pauli (Giovanni Paolo Oliva, 1600-1681) In selecta scripturae loca ethicae commentationes ex Capite Primo Esdrae sive DE CYRO REGE Quibus adjecta prolegomena ad stromata, seu Dissertationes super Evangeliis quadragesimae ad academicos Christianos. Tomus tertius [of Oliva's works bu complete book in itself]. 1679 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

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