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Catalogue of Children's Books (before 1900)

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J74673 Caldecott, R. SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE but not here shown Price: GBP 35.00 or USD 45.00

P6920 Written in French by M. Gueulette translated by Mr. [Thomas] Stackhouse CHINESE TALES or Wonderful Adventures of the Mandarin Fum-Hoam: related by himself, to Divert the Sultana, upon the Celebration of her Nuptials. 1781 Price: GBP 50.00 or USD 64.00

J73403 Gregory, Dr. [John 1724-1773] A FATHER'S LEGACY TO HIS DAUGHTERS, by the Late Dr. Gregory of Edinburgh. A New Edition. 1781 Price: GBP 42.00 or USD 54.00

J66598 Berquin, M. [Arnaud Berquin (1747-1791)] L'AMI DES ENFANS Par M. Berquin. Novembre 1783 No. XI. 1783 Price: GBP 32.00 or USD 41.00

J66850 Genlis, Mme de] but no name given ADELE ET THEODORE ou Lettres sur L'education .. Tome I + Tome II + Tome III. 1783 Price: GBP 48.00 or USD 62.00

J72896 Cooper,Reverend Mr. [Richard Johnson] A NEW HISTORY OF ENGLAND. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. On a Plan recommended by The Earl of Chesterfield. Embellished with Copper Plates, elegantly engraved from the Designs of Mr. Wale. 1788 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 194.00

J64553 Trimmer, Mrs. (Sarah Trimmer nee Kirby 1741-1810) THE FAMILY MAGAZINE; or, a Repository of Religious Instruction, and Rational Amusement. Designed to conteract the pernicious Tendency of Immoral Books &c. which have circulated of late Years among the Inferior Classes of People to the Obstruction of their Improvement in Religion and Morality. 1788 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 155.00

P1819 Beaumont, Mme Le Prince de (1711-1780) & D.S.Marceau edits MAGASIN DES ENFANS, ou Dialogues entre un sage Gouvernante et plusieurs de ses Ele`ves de la premie`re Distinction .. Tom. II. (of 2) 1792 Price: GBP 15.00 or USD 19.00

J72897 Riley's Historical Pocket Library A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE; From its Foundation to the Final Overthrow of that once Great and memorable Commonwealth … 1793 Price: GBP 60.00 or USD 77.00

J73390 Pinchard, Elizabeth Sibthorpe] Author of The Blind Child & Dramatic Dialogues THE TWO COUSINS, a Moral Story, for the use of Young Persons. In which is exemplified the necessity of Moderation and Justice to the Attainment of Happiness. 1794 Price: GBP 75.00 or USD 97.00

P65481 Editor of The School & Family Testament) WISDOM IN MINIATURE or the young Gentleman's and Lady's Pleasing Instructor: being a Collection of Sentences .. learned Authors, both Antient and Modern .. Youth of both Sexes 1797 Price: GBP 48.00 or USD 62.00

J73780 Trimmer, Mrs. translated by Nicolas Hamel INTRODUCTION A LA CONNOISSANCE DE LA NATURE, et a la Lecture de L'Ecriture Sainte. Traduite de la Derniere Edition de Mrs. Trimmer. Par Nicolas Hamel, auteur d'une grammaire Francoise &c. Nouvelle Edition. 1800 Price: GBP 25.00 or USD 32.00

J65865 Anon EARLY BLOSSOMS OF GENIUS AND VIRTUE including Maxims of early Wisdom, Juvenile Memoirs, a great variety of examples of the Moral Virtues and a Selection of Moral Poesy Embellished with Engraving 1801 Price: GBP 50.00 or USD 64.00

J66854 Berquin,M. (Arnaud) SELECT STORIES for the instruction and entertainment of children from the French of M.Berquin 1802 Price: GBP 28.00 or USD 36.00

J73766 Evans, John (1767-1827) THE JUVENILE TOURIST: or, Excursions through various parts of the island of Great Britain; including the West of England, the Midland counties, and the whole county of Kent; Illustrated with Maps, and interspersed with Historical Anecdotes and Poetical Extracts, for the improvement of the rising generation, In a Series of Letters to a Pupil. 1804 Price: GBP 65.00 or USD 84.00

P4894 Demoustier, C.A. [Charles-Albert Demoustier 1760-1801] LETTRES A EMILIE SUR LA MYTHOLOGIE .. Première Partie + Seconde Partie 1804 [An] xiii Price: GBP 18.00 or USD 23.00

P13312 Pujoulx, J.B. [Jean Baptiste Pujoulx 1762-1821] LE NATURALISTE DU SECOND AGE, ouvrage destiné à servir de suite .. au Livre du second age .. Orné de plus de cent figures représentant les animaux et les objets décrits. 1805 An XIII Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 39.00

J73779 Smith, Charlotte (17 -1806) MINOR MORALS, Interspersed with Sketches of NATURAL HISTORY, Historical Anecdotes, and Original Stories. By Charlotte Smith, author of Rural Walks, and Rambles Farther. Vol. II. [of 2] The Fourth Edition. 1806 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 58.00

J67106 POLITE PRECEPTOR or a collection of entertaining and instructive Essays .. With a view to inspire into the minds of youth the love of Virtue and the Principles of true Taste and just Reasoning 1807 Price: GBP 28.00 or USD 36.00

J73387 Mackenzie, William (1772-1852) attributed to] THE ACADEMY; or a Picture of Youth. 1808 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 58.00

J72494 Dorset,Catherine Ann Turner] but simply "by a Lady" THE LION'S MASQUERADE, A Sequel to the Peacock at Home. Written By A Lady. Illustrated with Elegant Engravings. 1808 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 194.00

J63626 Mavor, William (1758-1837) ELEMENTS OF NATURAL HISTORY IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM chiefly intended for the Use of Schools & Young Persons 1809 Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 39.00

P10529 Martin, Louis Aime´ ETRENNES A LA JEUNESSE recueil d'historiettes morales en vers et en prose, re´dige´es par Louis Aime´-Martin 1811 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 155.00

P67607 Milalrd,John Assistant Librarian of the Surrey Institution THE NEW POCKET CYCLOPAEDIA: Or, Elements of Useful Knowledge .. With Lists of Select Books on every important subject of learning and science Designed for the Higher Classes in School and for Young Persons in General 1813 Price: GBP 65.00 or USD 84.00

J71267 Hughes,Mary Robson] author of Aunt Mary's Tales. THE ORNAMENTS DISCOVERED A Story, in two Parts. 1815 Price: GBP 28.00 or USD 36.00

J73759 W.,S. (Darton bibliography lists Elizabeth Kilner as author) A VISIT TO A FARM HOUSE, or an Introduction to Various Subjects, Connected with Rural Economy. Embellished with beautiful plates. By S.W. author of "A Visit to London." Sixth Edition. 1815 Price: GBP 90.00 or USD 116.00

P8722 Hamilton, Chas. C. FRENCH PHRASEOLOGY or Travellers Manual: Being a compendium of such phrases as most frequently occur in conversation in French and English. 1815 approx but pre 1825 Price: GBP 60.00 or USD 77.00

J74398 Turner, R., Jun. LL.D. (1753-1788) of Magdalen College, Oxford AN EASY INTRODUCTION TO THE ARTS AND SCIENCES being a short but comprehensive system of useful and polite learning, divided into Lessons. Illustated [sic] with cuts, and adapted to the use of schools and academies. 1816 Price: GBP 27.00 or USD 35.00

J73762 Hughes, Mary Robson] but no author given AUNT MARY'S TALES, for the entertainment and improvement of Little Boys. Addressed to her Nephews. Third Edition. 1817 Price: GBP 42.00 or USD 54.00

J71270 Edgeworth,Maria (1767-1849) EARLY LESSONS. In Two Volumes. By Maria Edgeworth. Sixth Edition. 1818 Price: GBP 60.00 or USD 77.00

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