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Catalogue of Fable and Emblem Books

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E74236 La Fontaine, Jean de (1621-1695) FABLES CHOISIES. Mises en vers par Monsieur de La Fontaine. Et par lui revues, corrigées & augmentées de nouveau. 1727-1728 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 196.00

E71072 David,Joannes [Jan] (1545?-1613) PARADISUS SPONSI ET SPONSAE in quo Messis Myrrhae et Aromatum .. et [second part] Pancarpium Marianum, Septemplici Titulorum serie distinctum: ut in B. Virginis odorem curramus .. Auctore P. Ioanne David, Societatis Iesu Sacerdote. 1618 Price: GBP 1200.00 or USD 1680.00

E74004 Burgundia, Antonius a (Antoine de Bourgogne 1593/4-1657) MUNDI LAPIS LYDIUS sive VANITAS per VERITATEM FALSI accusata & convicta. OPERA D. ANTONII A BURGUNDIA Archi-diaconi Brugensis. 1639 Price: GBP 995.00 or USD 1393.00

V2071 Burgundia, Antonius a [Antoine de Bourgogne] MUNDI LAPIS LYDIUS sive VANITAS per VERITATEM FALSI accusata & convicta Opera D. Antonii a Burgundia Archi-diaconi Brugensis. 1639 Price: GBP 480.00 or USD 672.00

E73970 Cats, Jacob (1577-1660) OUDERDOM en BUYTEN-LEVEN [Old Age and Outdoor-Life, plus 5 separately titled other works by Cats] HOF-GEDACHTEN op SORGH-VLIET, INVALLENDE GEDACHTEN, KONINGKLYKE HERDERIN ASPASIA, HUWELIJCX FUYCK [Marriage Trap], DOODT-KISTE voor de LEVENDIGE. 1656, 1655 Price: GBP 540.00 or USD 756.00

E52769 D'Urfey,Thomas 1653-1723] but not here named. Anonymously published but attrib to Thomas Browne 1654?-1741 or Thomas D'Urfey (Durfey 1653-1723) THE WEESILS. A Satyrical Fable: giving An Account of some Argumental Passages happening in the Lion's Court about Weesilion's taking the Oaths. 1691 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 63.00

V73748 Boyle, Charles (1676-1731) [later Earl of Orrery] DR BENTLEY'S DISSERTATIONS ON THE EPISTLES OF PHALARIS AND THE FABLES OF AESOP EXAMIN'D By The Honourable Charles Boyle, Esq. 1698 Price: GBP 125.00 or USD 175.00

E74361 Phaedrus, freedman of Augustus, David Hoogstraten editor PHAEDRI AUG. LIBERTI FABULARUM AESOPIARUM LIBRI V. Notis illustravit in usum Serenissimi Principis Nassavii David Hoogstratanus. Accedunt ejusdem opera duo Indices, quorum prior est omnium verborum, multo quam antehac locupletior, posterior eorum, quae observatu digna in notis occurrunt. 1701 Price: GBP 420.00 or USD 588.00

E1304 Hoyer, Michael FLAMMULAE AMORIS S.P. AUGUSTINI Versibus et Iconibus Exornatae .. Altera editio auctior. 1708 Price: GBP 275.00 or USD 385.00

V72224 Law,William (1686-1761) REMARKS UPON A LATE BOOK, ENTITULED, THE FABLE OF THE BEES, or Private Vices, Publick Benefits. In a Letter to the Author. To which is added, A Postscript, containing an Observation or two upon Mr. Bayle. 1726 Price: GBP 170.00 or USD 238.00

E73254 Ginther, Antonio (1655-1724) MATER AMORIS ET DOLORIS, quam Christus in Cruce moriens omnibus ac singulis suis fidelibus in matrem legavit: Ecce mater tua. Nunc Explicata per Sacra Emblemata, Figuras Scripturae quam plurimas .. Editio Secunda. 1726 Price: GBP 300.00 or USD 420.00

E6917 Gay, John (1685-1732) FABLES By Mr. GAY 1727 Price: GBP 450.00 or USD 630.00

E8213 Haeften,Benedictus van (1580-1648) REGIA VIA CRUCIS Auctore D Benedicto Haefteno Ultraiectino Reformati Monastereij Affligeniensis Ordinis S. Benedicti Praeposito 1728 Price: GBP 550.00 or USD 770.00

E73978 Poot, Hubert Korneliszoon (1689-1733) HET GROOT NATUUR- EN ZEDEKUNDIGH WERELT TONEEL OF WOORDENBOEK [Great World Theatre or Dictionary with Emblematic Illustrations] van meer dan 1200 aeloude Egiptische, Grieksche en Romeinsche Zinnebeelden... Tweede Deel [Vol II only]. 1743 Price: GBP 400.00 or USD 560.00

E71511 Gellert, Christian-F., Gay and Moore] (translated & ed. by Claude F.F. Boulenger de Rivery 1725-1758) FABLES ET CONTES [on half title is added] "Avec un Discours sur la Littérature Allemande." 1754 Price: GBP 130.00 or USD 182.00

E67005 SPINNIKER,Adriaan Leerzaame ZINNEBEELDEN... with VERVOLG DER LEERZAAME ZINNEBEELDEBN .. (and) SPIEGEL der BOETVAARDIGHEID en GENADE & Stichtelyke GEZANGEN 1757, 1758 Price: GBP 675.00 or USD 945.00

E67824 Luiken, Joannes [Jan] (1649-1712 also spelt Luyken, Luycken or Luykens) DES MENSCHEN BEGIN, MIDDEN EN EINDE [People's Beginning, Middle and End]; Vertoonende het Kinderlyk Bedryf en Aanwasch, in Eenenvystig Konstige Figuuren, met Goddelyke Spreuken en Stichtelyke Verzen; door Joannes Luiken. Met het Leven van den Autheur. 1772 Price: GBP 220.00 or USD 308.00

V73973 Rotgans, L[ucas] (1645-1710) BOEREKERMIS. Quantum est in rebus in ane! De vierde Druck. Met Koperen Plaeten. 1776 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 63.00

E18461 Wynne, John Huddlestone] (Bewick illustrations) RILEY'S EMBLEMS, Natural, Historical, Fabulous, Moral, and Divine, For the Improvement and Pastime of Youth .. 1781 Price: GBP 68.00 or USD 95.00

E73378 Gravelot et Cochin, M.M. [Hubert Francois Bourguignon d’Anville, called Gravelot, and Charles Nicolas Cochin, the Younger] ICONOLOGIE PAR FIGURES. OU TRAITE COMPLET DES ALLEGORIES EMBLEMES &c. Ouvrage utile aux Artistes, aux Amateurs et pouvant servir a l'education du jeunes personnes. Par M.M. Gravelot et Cochin. Tome III [only of 4] 1791 from editor's note in another vol. Price: GBP 225.00 or USD 315.00

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