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Catalogue of Antiquarian Books (before 1700)

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Books 151 to 165






V70413 Foresti,Antonio MAPPAMONDO ISTORICO, Tomo Quarto .. in cui si Espongono i Regni, Nati dalla declinazione, e caduta dell'Imperio Romano in Occidente 1694, 1694 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 280.00

V71479 D.T.,le Sieur [Lenain de Tillemont, Louis-Sebastien 1637-1698] MEMOIRES POUR SERVIR A L'HISTOIRE ECCLESIASTIQUE des ssix premiers siecles Tome Second (second volume complete in 3 Parts) 1695 Price: GBP 75.00 or USD 105.00

V74694 Le Moyne, Pierre (1602-1671) OF THE ART BOTH OF WRITING AND JUDGING OF HISTORY, with Reflections upon Ancient as well as Modern Historians ..By the most Learned and Ingenuous Jesuit Father Le-Moyne. 1695 Price: GBP 220.00 or USD 308.00

V70410 Foresti,Antonio MAPPAMONDO ISTORICO, tomo secondo contiene le cose della Repurbica e Monarchia Romana dalla Fondazione di Roma fino all'Anno di Christo 1692 1695 Price: GBP 85.00 or USD 119.00

V74261 Tillotson, John (1630-1694) THE WORKS Of the Most Reverend Dr. John Tillotson, late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: containing Fifty four Sermons and Discourses, On Several Occasions. Together with the Rule of Faith. Being All that were Published by His Grace Himself. And now Collected into One Volume. To which is Added, An Alphabetical Table of the Principal Matters. 1696 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 350.00

V73296 Howard, Sir Robert] (1626-1698) but not named as author A TWOFOLD VINDICATION OF THE LATE ARCH-BISHOP OF CANTERBURY [Tillotson], And of the Author of The History of Religion [Sir R. Howard]. The first Part defending the said Author against the Defamations of Mr. Fr. Atterbury's Sermon, and both those eminent Persons against a Traiterous Libel, titled, The Charge of Socinianism against Dr. Tillotson consider'd. In two Letters to the Honourable Sir R.H. The second containing Remarks on the said Sermon, and a reply to the same Libel .. By another Hand. 1696 Price: GBP 90.00 or USD 126.00

V74251 Bacon, Sir Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban (1561-1626) THE ESSAYS, or Counsels, Civil and Moral .. With a Table of the Colours of Good and Evil. And a Discoure of the Wisdom of the ANCIENTS. To this Edition is added the Character of Queen ELIZABETH; never before Printed in English. 1696 Price: GBP 165.00 or USD 231.00

V69912 Tollius,Jacobus (1630-1696) INSIGNIA ITINERARII ITALICI, quibus continentur Antiquitates Sacrae 1696 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

V65598 Danty,M. (Avocat en Parlement) TRAITE DE LA PREUVE PAR TEMOINS contenant le Commentaire de Me Jean BOICEAU, Sieur de la Borderie .. sur l'article 54 de l'Ordonnance de Moulins .. Auxquels sont ajoutées plusieurs Questions tirées des plus célèbres jurisconsultes & decidées par les Arrests des Cours Souveraines 1697 Price: GBP 98.00 or USD 137.00

V74275 Cotelerius, Jean Baptiste notes & editing by Joannes Clericus SS. PATRUM QUI TEMPORIBUS APOSTOLICIS FLORUERUNT Barnabae, Clementis, Hermae, Iignatii, Polycarpi OPERA EDITA ET INEDITA, Vera, & Supposita; una cum Clemetis, Ignatii, Polycarpi, Actis atque Martyriis. Volumen Primum [Secundum] 1698 Price: GBP 450.00 or USD 630.00

V66681 Spelman,Henry (Sir Henry Spelman) RELIQUIAE SPELMANNIANAE. THE POSTHUMOUS WORKS OF SIR HENRY SPELMAN Kt. Relating to the Laws and Antiquities of England Published from the original Manuscripts. With the Life of the Author 1698 Price: GBP 295.00 or USD 413.00

V73748 Boyle, Charles (1676-1731) [later Earl of Orrery] DR BENTLEY'S DISSERTATIONS ON THE EPISTLES OF PHALARIS AND THE FABLES OF AESOP EXAMIN'D By The Honourable Charles Boyle, Esq. 1698 Price: GBP 125.00 or USD 175.00

V71151 Bray,Thomas D.D. (1658-1730) A SHORT DISCOURSE Upon the Doctrine of our Baptismal Covenant; being an Exposition Upon the Preliminary Questions and Answers of our Church-Catechism .. [bound with] AN APPENDIX TO THE DISCOURSE Upon the Doctrine of our Baptismal Covenant: being a Method of Family-Religion. 1699 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

V73577 Louth, William (1660-1732) A VINDICATION OF THE DIVINE AUTHORITY and Inspiration of the Old and New Testament .. In Answer to a Treatise lately Translated out of French, Entitled, Five Letters concerning the Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, By William Lowth, B.D. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Winchester. The Second Edition, with Amendments. By William Lowth, B.D. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Winchester. The Second Edition, with Amendments, and a New Preface .. 1699 Price: GBP 82.00 or USD 115.00

V73736 Locke, John (1632-1704) SOME THOUGHTS CONCERNING EDUCATION. The Fourth Edition Enlarged. 1699 Price: GBP 260.00 or USD 364.00

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