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Catalogue of Antiquarian Books (before 1700)

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V70503 Meek'ren,Job van (1611-1666) OBSERVATIONES MEDICO-CHIRURGICAE ex Belgico in Latinum translatae ab Abrahamo Blasio. 1681 Price: GBP 520.00 or USD 671.00

V73273 Thomas a Becket, Saint (1118?-1170) EPISTOLAE ET VITA DIVI THOMAE MARTYRIS et Archi-Episcopi Cantuariensis. Nec non epistolae Alexandri III Pontificis, Galliae Regis Ludovici Septimi, Angliae Regis Henrici II, aliarumque .. Concernentes Sacerdotii et Imperii Concordiam. In lucem productae ex MS. Vaticano: Opera & studio F. Christiani Lupi, Iprensis .. 1682 Price: GBP 320.00 or USD 413.00

V73752 Lyser (or Leyser), Johann 1631-1684] here under pseudonym Theophilus Aletheus POLYGAMIA TRIUMPHATRIX, Id est Discursus Politicus DE POLYGAMIA Auctore Theophil Aletheo, cum Notis Athanasii Vincentii, Omnibus Anti-Polygamis ubique locorum, terrarum, insularum, pagorum, urbium, modeste` & pie` opposita. 1682 Price: GBP 270.00 or USD 348.00

V69515 Flechier,Abbe HISTOIRE DE THEODOSE LE GRAND pour Monseigneur Le Dauphin. 1682 Price: GBP 98.00 or USD 126.00

V68759 Arnauld,Antoine (1612-1694)and Pierre Nicole (1625-1695)] [authors not given] LOGICA, SIVE ARS COGITANDI: In qua praeter Vulgares Regulas plura Nova Habentur ad Rationem dirigendam utilia. E tertia apud Gallos Editione recognita & aucta in Latinum versa. 1682 Price: GBP 85.00 or USD 110.00

V72226 Reinesius,Thomas (1587-1667) SYNTAGMA INSCRIPTIONUM ANTIQUARUM cumprimis Romae Veteris, quarum omissa est recensio in vasto Jani Gruteri Opere cujus isthoc dici possit Supplementum; Opus Posthumum .. 1682 Price: GBP 550.00 or USD 710.00

V67346 Glanvill,Joseph] (1636-1680) and Reverend Dr.[George] Rust [Annotations by Henry More] TWO CHOICE AND USEFUL TREATISES; The One LUX ORIENTALIS; or An Enquiry into the Opinion of the Eastern Sages Concerning the Praeexistence of Souls. Being a Key to Unlock the Grand Mysteries of Providence. In Relation to Mans Sin and Misery. The Other, A DISCOURSE OF TRUTH, By the Late Reverend Dr. Rust Lord Bishop of Dromore in Ireland. With Annotations on them Both. 1682, 1683 Price: GBP 320.00 or USD 413.00

V71169 Pearson,John (1613-1686) Bishop of Chester AN EXPOSITION OF THE CREED. By John Lord Bishop of Chester. The Fifth Edition, Revised, and now more Enlarged 1683 Price: GBP 110.00 or USD 142.00

V71061 Robertson,William KOMETS LESHON HA-KORESH ve-ha-limudim [Hebrew-Latin Biblical Concordance and grammar] Manipulus Linguae Sanctae & eruditorum .. Opera & industria Gulielmi Robertson, A.M. 1683 Price: GBP 190.00 or USD 245.00

V72132 Sanderson,Robert (1587-1663) EPISCOPACY (As Established by Law in England) Not Prejudicial to REGAL POWER. Written in the time of the Long Parliament by the special Command of the late KING [Charles I], By the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert Sanderson, Late Lord Bishop of Lincoln. The Third Edition. 1683 Price: GBP 235.00 or USD 303.00

V59872 CROKE, Sir George, Knight .. Justice of the KING's BENCH REPORTS OF SIR GEORGE CROKE .. of such SELECT CASES as were ADJUDGED [Pt.1] from the 24th to the 44/45th of QUEEN ELIZABETH; [Pt.2] during the Reign of KING JAMES; [Pt.3] during the first Sixteen Years of the Reign of KING CHARLES; Collected .. Revised and Published in English by Sir Harbottle Grimston, Master of the Rolls. Third Impression .. With Additions .. never before Printed 1683 Price: GBP 225.00 or USD 290.00

V46184 Anacreon [translated by Wood, Cowley, Oldham and Willis] ANACREON Done into English Out of the Original Greek 1683 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 258.00

V69894 Selden,John and James Ussher [Bishop of Armagh] (also spelt Usher) DE ANNO CIVILI VETERUM JUDAEORUM [Selden on the Civil Year of the Ancient Jews] & DE MACEDONUM ET ASIANORUM ANNO SOLARI [Ussher on the Macedonian & Asiatic Solar Year] 1683 Price: GBP 195.00 or USD 252.00

V67403 Naunton, Sir Robert (translated into French by Jean Le Pelletier) VERITABLE CARACTERE D'ELISABETH Reyne D'Angleterre et de ses Favoris. Traduit de l'Anglois de Robert Naunton Cxhevalier Secretaire d'Etate & Maitre de la cour des Gardiens sous le Roy Jacques. 1683 Price: GBP 195.00 or USD 252.00

V74315 Brown, Thomas (1605-1682) edited by Thomas Tenison CERTAIN MISCELLANY TRACTS written by Thomas Brown Kt. Doctor of Physick late of Norwich 1684 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 322.00

V74262 Ferrarius, Octavius (Ottavio Ferrari 1607-1682) DE RE VESTIARIA Libri Septem. Quatuor postremi nunc primum prodeunt: reliqui emendatiores & auctiores. Adiectis iconibus, quibus res tota oculis subijcitur. Quibus in hac nostra tertia editione accesserunt Analecta de Re Vestiaria, & Dissertatio de Veterum Lucernis Sepulchralibus. 1685 Price: GBP 380.00 or USD 490.00

V73269 Courtin, Antoine de] (1622-1685) THE RULES OF CIVILITY; or, Certain Ways of Deportment observed amongst all Persons of Quality upon several Occasions. Newly revised and much Enlarged. 1685 Price: GBP 485.00 or USD 626.00

V68418 Vincent of Lerins, Saint (died circa 435) & Augustine, Saint (Bishop of Hippo) Vincentii Lirinensis ADVERSUS PROFANAS omnium novitates haereticorum commonitorium. Cum notis V.C. Stephani Baluzii. Adjicitur S. Augustini LIBER DE HAERESIBUS. 1687 Price: GBP 92.00 or USD 119.00

V66160 Stanley,William Dean of St. Asaph (but no author on TP) FAITH AND PRACTICE OF A CHURCH OF ENGLAND-MAN the third edition. 1688 Price: GBP 85.00 or USD 110.00

V70814 Gallaeus, Servatius [Gervais Gallé 1627?-1709] DISSERTATIONES DE SIBYLLIS, earumque Oraculis cum figuris aeneis [Dissertations on the Sibyls and their Oracles with copperplate illustrations]. 1688 Price: GBP 240.00 or USD 310.00

V71097 Erasmus,Desiderius (translated by Ro.(ger) L'Estrange 1616-1704) TWENTY TWO SELECT COLLOQUIES Out of ERASMUS Roterodamus; Pleasantly Representing Several Superstitious Levities That were crept into the Church of Rome In His Days. The second Impression Corrected and Amended .. By Ro. L'Estrange, Kt. 1689 Price: GBP 240.00 or USD 310.00

V68773 Marchant,Jacob HORTUS PASTORUM SACRAE DOCTRINAE Floribus polymitus authore R.D.Jacobo Marchantio .. Una cum Candelabro, Tuba Sacerdotali.. Editio Ultima et Plane Recognita. 1689 Price: GBP 160.00 or USD 206.00

V70596 Le Febvre,Jacques LES PLUS CURIEUX ENDROITS DE L'HISTOIRE 1689 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 155.00

V66520 Goodman,John) (but no author mentioned on either titlepage or preface) WINTER-EVENING CONFERENCE BETWEEN NEIGHBOURS in two Parts. Bound with .. Part III 1689, 1690 Price: GBP 110.00 or USD 142.00

E52769 D'Urfey,Thomas 1653-1723] but not here named. Anonymously published but attrib to Thomas Browne 1654?-1741 or Thomas D'Urfey (Durfey 1653-1723) THE WEESILS. A Satyrical Fable: giving An Account of some Argumental Passages happening in the Lion's Court about Weesilion's taking the Oaths. 1691 Price: GBP 45.00 or USD 58.00

V70409 Foresti,Antonio MAPPAMONDO ISTORICO, cioe ordinata narrazione dei Quattro Sommi Imperii del Mondo. Da Nino primo imperator degli Assirii fino al regnante Leopoldo Austriaco 1691 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 155.00

V66648 Gale,Thomas (1635?-1702) HISTORIAE BRITANNICAE, SAXONICAE, ANGLO-DANICAE, SCRIPTORES XV ex vetusti Codd. Mss. Editi OPERA Thomae Gale VOLUME I Only (of 2) 1691 Price: GBP 375.00 or USD 484.00

V71513 Raguenet,François (1660?-1722)] (but no author given) HISTOIRE D'OLIVIER CROMWEL [Oliver Cromwell] 1691 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 258.00

V66720 Machiavelli,(Nicholas) (Titus Livius (Livy)) DISCOURS POLITIQUE DE MACHIAVEL, sur la I Decade de Tite Live. Traduction nouvelle 1691 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 155.00

V71496 Susteren, Henri van + F.B.S + Francis Martin (1652–1722) QUAESTIONES CONTROVERSAE DE LIBERTATE ACTUUM HUMANORUM ad Merendum et Demerendum Requisita [Bound with] RESPONSIO BREVIS ad Libellum Famosum cui Titulus APOLOGIA PRO HUBERTO GAUTIO [Bound with] SCUTUM FIDEI CONTRA HAERESES HODIERNAS [incomplete]. 1691, 1711, 1713 Price: GBP 56.00 or USD 72.00

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