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Catalogue of Antiquarian Books (before 1700)

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V74523 Athenaeus of Naucratis + (second work) Isaac Casaubon Athenaiou Deipnosophiston Biblia Pentekaideka [Greek letters] Athenaei Deipnosophistarum Libri Quindecim, cum Iacobi Dalechampii Cadomensis Latina Interpretatione ... Editio Postrema [bound with] Isaaci Casauboni Animadversionum in Athen. Dipnosophistas Libri XV ... Secunda Editio Postrema, Authoris cura … 1612 and 1621 Price: GBP 900.00 or USD 1260.00

E71072 David,Joannes [Jan] (1545?-1613) PARADISUS SPONSI ET SPONSAE in quo Messis Myrrhae et Aromatum .. et [second part] Pancarpium Marianum, Septemplici Titulorum serie distinctum: ut in B. Virginis odorem curramus .. Auctore P. Ioanne David, Societatis Iesu Sacerdote. 1618 Price: GBP 1200.00 or USD 1680.00

V68039 Milles,Thomas] translated from Pedro Mexia, Francesco Sansovino & others ARCHAIO-PLOUTOS [Greek script - other title TIMES STORE-HOUSE] Containing, Ten following Bookes to the former TREASURIE OF AUNCIENT AND MODERNE TIMES. Being the Learned Collections, Judicious Readings & Memorable Observations: Not onely Divine, Morrall and Phylosophicall But also Poeticall, Martiall, Politicall, Historicall, Astrologicall, &c Translated out of that Worthy Spanish Gentleman, Pedro Mexia. And M. Francesco Sansovino, that Famous Italian. As also, of those Honourable Frenchmen, Anthonie du Verdier, Lord of Vaupriuaz: Loys Guyon, Sieur de la Nauche, Counsellor unto the King: Claudius Gruget, Parisian, &c. 1619 Price: GBP 650.00 or USD 910.00

V74577 Holland, Henry [here given as H.H.] (1583-1650?) HEROOLOGIA ANGLICA [first "o" printed as Greek omega] hoc est Clarissimorum et Doctissimorum aliqout [sic] Anglorum qui floruerunt ab Anno Christi M.D. usq[ue] ad Presentem Annum M.D.C.XX Vivae Effigies Vitae et elogia Duobus tomis Authore H.H. Anglo Britanno 1620 Price: GBP 4250.00 or USD 5950.00

V72907 I.P.P.L. [Jean-Paul Perrin] translated by Samson Lennard LUTHERS FORE-RUNNERS: or, A Cloud of Witnesses, Deposing for the Protestant faith. Gathered together in the Historie of the Waldenses: Who for diuers hundred yeares before Luther successiuely opposed Popery, professed the truth of the Gospell, and sealed it with their bloud ... Diuided into three parts. The first concernes their originall beginning ... The second containes the historie of the Waldenses called Albingenses. The third concerneth the doctrine and discipline which hath bene common amongst them, and the confutation of the doctrine of their aduersaries. 1624 Price: GBP 495.00 or USD 693.00

V74431 Camden, William (1551-1623) ANNALES RERUM ANGLICARUM ET HIBERNICARUM REGNANTE ELIZABETHA Autore Guil. Camdeno. Prima pars emendatior, altera nunc primum in lucem edita. 1625 Price: GBP 450.00 or USD 630.00

V71491 Fuligatto,Jacobo (ie Giacomo Fuligatti) translated by Silvestro Petra Sancta VITA ROBERTI BELLARMINI POLITIANI .. a Iacobo Fuligatto Italice` primu`m scripta: a Siluestro Petra Sancta Latine` reddita, & aucta, atque in hac secunda^ editione a` mendis primae repurgata. 1631 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 196.00

V71507 Etzlerus,Augustus (August Etzler) ISAGOGE PHYSICO-MAGICO-MEDICA in qua Signaturae non paucorum Vegetabilium et Animalium .. depinguntur, ex quibus Mundi superioris Astralis, cum inferiori Elementali .. mirabilisque & occulta Sympathia et Anthipathia rerum manifeste elucescunt. OPUSCULUM lectu jucundum .. Authore Augusto Etzlero Albimontano 1631 Price: GBP 460.00 or USD 644.00

V71482 Ignatius of Loyola,Saint (1491-1556) & Ludovic de Palma PRAXIS ET BREVIS DECLARATIO VIAE SPIRITUALIS, prout eam nos docet S.P.N. IGNATIUS in quatuor Septimanis Libelli sui Exercitiorum Spiritualium: Auctore R.P. Ludovico de Palma Toletano, Societatis Iesu. Ex Hispanico vertit R.P. Jacobus Dyck eiusdem Societatis. 1634 Price: GBP 160.00 or USD 224.00

V5639 Fouilloux, Jacques du LA VENERIE de Iacques du Fouilloux 1635 Price: GBP 340.00 or USD 476.00

V70798 Tomasini, Giacomo Filippo (1595-1655) PETRARCHA REDIVIVUS, integram poetae celeberrimi vitam iconibus aere celatis exhibens. Accessit nobilissimae foeminae,Laurae Brevis Historia. 1635 Price: GBP 520.00 or USD 728.00

V72001 Weemes,John (also spelt Weemse 1579?-1636) THE WORKES OF M. IOHN WEEMES of Lathocker in Scotland. The third Volumne. Containing an EXPOSITION OF THE LAWES OF MOSES, viz. Ceremoniall and Judiciall ..Together with Exercitations Divine. Proving the Necessitie, Majestie, integritie, perspicuitie, and sence of the Scriptures. 1636 Price: GBP 195.00 or USD 273.00

V71421 Chrysologus,Petrus SERMONES in Evangelia de Dominicis 1636 Price: GBP 165.00 or USD 231.00

V68779 Lapide,Cornelio Cornelii a (Van den Steen ou La Pierre) COMMENTARII IN CANTICUM CANTICORUM 1637 Price: GBP 350.00 or USD 490.00

V68777 Novarini,Aloysii (ie. Aloysius Novarinus (Luigi)) ELECTA SACRA in quibus quam ex Latino, Graeco, ex Latino, Graeco et Hebraico fonte; quam ex Hebraeorum, Gentiliumque ritibus nonnulla divinarum litterarum loca aut novo explicatu donantur .. subque AGNO EUCHARISTICO ita de augustissimo, Deoque ipso diuite Eucharistiae sacramento, eius institutione, excellentia, laudibus .. mysteriis, figuris, ritibus .. ex prophana, & ex nostra schola mutuata publicae notitiae, utilitati publicae exponantur. His insertae variae formae Eucharisticae, ex multis orbis partibus ad nos transmissae, aeri incisae. 1638 Price: GBP 600.00 or USD 840.00

V61951 Florus,L(ucius) Annaeus L. ANNAEUS FLORUS [RERUM ROMANARUM] Cl. Salmasius addidit Lucium Ampelium e cod. M.S. numquam antehac editum. 1638 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

E74004 Burgundia, Antonius a (Antoine de Bourgogne 1593/4-1657) MUNDI LAPIS LYDIUS sive VANITAS per VERITATEM FALSI accusata & convicta. OPERA D. ANTONII A BURGUNDIA Archi-diaconi Brugensis. 1639 Price: GBP 995.00 or USD 1393.00

V2071 Burgundia, Antonius a [Antoine de Bourgogne] MUNDI LAPIS LYDIUS sive VANITAS per VERITATEM FALSI accusata & convicta Opera D. Antonii a Burgundia Archi-diaconi Brugensis. 1639 Price: GBP 480.00 or USD 672.00

V74314 Aristaenetus EPISTOLAE GRAECAE cum Latina interpretatione & notis. Quarta editio emendatior & auctior 1639 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

V71046 Cuffe,Henry (1562-1601) THE DIFFERENCES OF THE AGES OF MAN LIFE. Together with the Originall causes, Progresse, and End therof. Written by the Learned Henry Cuffe, sometime Fellow of Merton College in Oxford. Newly revised .. 1640 Price: GBP 720.00 or USD 1008.00

V71483 Anon (an unnamed Augustinian from Cologne) VITA B. IOANNIS CHISII a Maciaretto Ordinis Eremitarum S.P. Augustini [life of Ioannis Chisius, Giovanni Chigi d. 1363] 1641 Price: GBP 190.00 or USD 266.00

V74269 Fox, John [more usually spelt Foxe] (1516-1587) ACTS AND MONUMENTS of Matters most speciall and memorable, happening in the Church, with an universall Historie of the same .. with the bloody times, horrible troubles, and great Persecutions against the true MARTYRS of Christ .. The eight time newly Imprinted. Whereunto are annexed certaine Additions of like Persecutions, which have happened in these latter times [Vol I only]. 1641 Price: GBP 650.00 or USD 910.00

V74614 Baker, Sir R., Knight (Sir Richard Baker 1568-1645) A CHRONICLE OF THE KINGS OF ENGLAND From the Time of the Romans Government [sic] unto the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles. 1643 Price: GBP 3200.00 or USD 4480.00

V68732 Scupoli,Lorenzo) translated into Latin by Lorich Jodocus PUGNA SPIRITUALIS tractatus Tractatus vere aureus de Perfectione, vitae Christianae, Ab incognito, sed pio & docto viro primum Italice Scriptus: dein ab alio item incognito in Germanicam linguam versus; Demum Latine redditus. A. R. D. Iod. Lorichio. 1643 Price: GBP 75.00 or USD 105.00

V73289 Bulwer, John (only J.B. on titlepage but Bulwer signs the Dedication) CHIROLOGIA: OR THE NATURALL LANGUAGE OF THE HAND. Composed of the Speaking Motions, and Discoursing Gestures thereof. Whereunto is added CHIRONOMIA: Or, the Art of Manuall Rhetoricke. Consisting of the Naturall Expressions, digested by Art in the Hand, as the chiefest Instrument of Eloquence, by Historicall Manifesto's, Exemplified Out of the Authentique Registers of Common Life, and Civill Conversation. With Types, or Chyrograms: A long-wish'd for illustration of this Argument. By J.B. Gent. Philochirosophus. 1644 Price: GBP 1200.00 or USD 1680.00

V68569 Polycarp & Ignatius with commentary by James Ussher (also spelt Usher) POLYCARPI ET IGNATII EPISTOLAE: una cum vetere vulgata interpretatione Latina, ex trium manuscriptorum codicum collatione, integritati suae restituta. Accessit & Ignatianarum epistolarum versio antiqua alia, ex duobus manuscriptis in Anglia repertis, nunc primum in lucem edita. Quibus praefixa est, non de Ignatii solum & Polycarpi scriptis, sed etiam de Apostolicis Constitutionibus & Canonibus Clementi Romano tributis, Iacobi Vsserii Archiepiscopi Armachani dissertatio. 1644, 1642, 1644, 1647, 1647 Price: GBP 280.00 or USD 392.00

V66709 Rowley, Alexander here just "A. R." SODALIS DISCIPULIS [Hebrew & Greek character text of same]. The Schollers Companion, or a Little Library, Containing all the interpretations of the Hebrew and Greek Bible, by all Authors, first into the Latine. And now (with the English of every Latine word added thereunto) brought into a pocket Book. Not onely for the eas of the learned, but also that the unlearned may come to the knowledge of both Testaments in the Originall Tongues 1648 Price: GBP 190.00 or USD 266.00

V70275 Salmasius,Claude] (1588-1653) DEFENSIO REGIA PRO CAROLO I ad serenissimum Magnae Britanniae Regem Carolum II,filium natu majorem,heredem & successorem legitimum. 1650 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 196.00

V68607 Rous,Francis (Provost of Eton College) MELLA PATRUM: Nempe, omnium, quorum per prima nascentis & patientis ecclesiae tria secula, usque ad pacem sub Constantino divinitus datam, scripta prodierunt, atque adhuc minus dubiae fidei supersunt. Collegit, &c ECCLESIAE in Terris militanti in Coelis conversanti .. Franciscus Rous Etonensis collegii Praepositus .. Impensis Authoris .. 1650 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 196.00

V69033 MILTON,John PRO POPULO ANGLICANO DEFENSIO contra Claudii anonymi, alias Salmasii, Defensionem Regiam .. 1652 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 350.00

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