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Catalogue of Classics (Greek/Latin)

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Books 61 to 69






A74550 Theocritus edited by Hermannn Fritzsche THEOKRITS IDYLLEN fur den Schul- und Privatgebrauch erklart. 1857 Price: GBP 15.00 or USD 21.00

V74272 Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus edited by Henricus Valesius HISTORIA ECCLESIASTICA [Title also in Greek] item excerpta ex historiis Philostorgii et Theodori Lectoris. Henricus Valesius Graeca ex MSS. Codicibus emendavit, Latine vertit, & Annotationibus illustravit. 1679 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 350.00

A74788 Thucydides translated by Rex Warner THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR translated with an introduction by Rex Warner (Penguin Classics L39). 1956 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

V69912 Tollius,Jacobus (1630-1696) INSIGNIA ITINERARII ITALICI, quibus continentur Antiquitates Sacrae 1696 Price: GBP 150.00 or USD 210.00

A73883 Tuckwell, Rev. W. HORACE (Bell's Miniature Series of Great Writers) 1905 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

A74185 Vergil (P. Vergilius Maro) ed. by H.E. Gould & J.L. Whiteley AENEID Book Four edited with introduction notes and vocabulary 1955 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

V71140 Vitringa,Campegius (1659-1722) edited by Hermann Venema (1697-1787) COMMENTARIUS AD CANTICUM MOSIS Deut. XXXII .. Opus posthumum edente Hermanno Venema .. [Bound with] COMMENTARII AD LIBRUM PROPHETIARUM ZACHARIAE [same author & editor]. 1734 Price: GBP 180.00 or USD 252.00

V74345 Xenophon (translated by Joannes Leunclavius) XENOPHONTIS ET IMPERATORIS & PHILOSOPHI CLARISSIMI OMNIA, quae exstant, OPERA Joanne Levvenklaio interprete: Cum Annotationibus eiusdem & indice copioso. 1569 Price: GBP 950.00 or USD 1330.00

A74592 Xenophon edited by Otto Keller Xenophontos Ellenika - HISTORIA GRAECA recensuit Otto Keller. Editio Minor sterotypa. 1901 Price: GBP 7.00 or USD 10.00

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