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A72813 Faguet,Emile FLAUBERT - Les grands ecrivains Francais 1927 approx. Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A5645 Fonda,Henry FONDA MY LIFE as Told to Howard Teichmann 1982 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

A71849 Lewis,D.B. Wyndham FOUR FAVOURITES 1948 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

C47839 Masini,Lara Vinca GAUDI 1969 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

A284 Ali, Beatrice GOOD DEEDS OF A GOOD WOMAN 1976 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 6.00

V67948 Anon (often listed under Edmond Bohun, Lewis Morery (or Moreri ) & Le Clerk (le Clerc) and others) GREAT HISTORICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL and POETICAL DICTIONARY being a curious miscellany of sacred and prophane history. Containing, in short, the lives and most remarkable actions of the patriarchs, judges, and kings of the Jews .. The genealogy of several illustrious families in Europe. The fabulous history of the heathen gods and heroes. The description of empires, kingdoms, common-wealths .. The whole being full of remarks and curious enquiries, for the illustration of several difficulties in theology, history, chronology and geography / Collected from the best historians, chronologers, and lexicographers; as Calvisius, Helvicus, .. and others: but more especially out of Lewis Morery, his sixth edition corrected and enlarged by M. LeClerk; in two volumes in folio. Now done into English. To which are added, by way of supplement, intermix'd throughout the alphabet, the lives, most remarkable actions, and writings, of the illustrious families of our English, Scotch, and Irish nobility, gentry, eminent clergy, and most famous men of all arts and sciences: as also an exact description of these kingdoms; with the most considerable occurrences that have happened to this present time. By several learned men. Wherein are inserted the last five years historical and geographical collections of Edmond Bohun, esq; designed at first for his own Geographical dictionary, and never extant till in this work. 1694 Price: GBP 275.00 or USD 346.00

F56382 Sitwell,Osbert GREAT MORNING being the third volume of (autobiography) 1948 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A74612 Turner, Helen HENRY WELLCOME The Man, his Collection and his Legacy. 1980 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A72534 Volker,Michel (editor) Yetta & Theodore Ziolbowski (translators) HERMAN HESSE a Pictorial Biography 1979 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 2.00

A72462 Miniature book (Francis J. Weber) HERSHEY The Man The Company The Candy 2007 Price: GBP 26.00 or USD 33.00

V72144 Belinfante, J.J HET LEVEN VAN MICHIEL ADRIAANSZOON DE RUYTER [The Life of Admiral de Ruyter] 1607-1676 Vol. I + Vol. II 1844, 1848 Price: GBP 120.00 or USD 151.00

V71513 Raguenet,François (1660?-1722)] (but no author given) HISTOIRE D'OLIVIER CROMWEL [Oliver Cromwell] 1691 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 252.00

V6937 Societe de Gens de Lettres [according to British Library by J.P. Gallais with another] HISTOIRE DE NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE depuis sa Naissance, en 1769, jusqu'a sa Translation a l'Ile Sainte-Helene, en 1815. Tome Second [Vol.2 ONLY in two parts]. 1817 Price: GBP 16.00 or USD 20.00

V69515 Flechier,Abbe HISTOIRE DE THEODOSE LE GRAND pour Monseigneur Le Dauphin. 1682 Price: GBP 98.00 or USD 123.00

P17668 Strickland, Agnes (1796-1874) HISTORICAL TALES OF ILLUSTRIOUS BRITISH CHILDREN .. Ninth Edition 1893 approx. Price: GBP 12.00 or USD 15.00

X15367 Stickelberger,E. HOLBEIN IN ENGLAND roman 1947 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

C3329 Cundall,Joseph HOLBEIN,HANS from "Holbein und seine Zeit" by Dr. A Woltmann N D Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

A61182 Landstone,Charles I GATE-CRASHED A Lively Autobiography in three acts 1976 Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

A69548 Burkhart,Charles I. COMPTON-BURNETT 1965 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A11042 Mark,Sir Robert IN THE OFFICE OF CONSTABLE 1978 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A2313 Burgess, Alan & Ingrid Bergman INGRID BERGMAN MY STORY 1981 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

A71831 Churchill,Peregrine and Julian Mitchell JENNIE LADY RANDOLPH CHURCHILL A Portrait with Letters 1970 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

A50453 Sidey,Hugh John F. Kennedy Portrait of a President 1964 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 4.00

V63351 Johnson,Samuel & James Boswell) JOHNSONIANA 1820 Price: GBP 60.00 or USD 76.00

A71991 Roache,William with Stan Nicholls KEN AND ME The Autobiography of William Roache 1993 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 2.00

A52662 KING EDWARD THE SEVENTH 1910 by inscription) Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

F72691 Sitwell,Osbert LAUGHTER IN THE NEXT ROOM being the fourth volume of LEFT HAND, RIGHT HAND! 1950 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

A73664 Solzhenitsyn, Alexander translated by H.T. Willetts LENIN IN ZURICH Chapters 1977 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

P5662 Foa, Madame Euge´nie LES ENFANTS ILLUSTRES Contes Historiques 1854 approx. Price: GBP 18.00 or USD 23.00

V72195 Pickhard,Samuel T. [John Greenleaf Whittier] LIFE AND LETTERS OF JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER IN TWO VOLUMES [Vol.I & Vol.II) Large Paper Edition LIMITED to 400 copies this No. 3. 1894 Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 38.00

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