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Catalogue of Bewick and Woodengraving

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Books 81 to 111






J71278 Hauuff,W. [Wilhelm Hauff] translated by Percy E. Pinkerton LONGNOSE THE DWARF, And other Fairy Tales. 1881 according to British Library Price: GBP 40.00 or USD 56.00

A73801 Reading, Berkshire newspaper THE READING MERCURY or Weekly Entertainer. Monday July 8, 1723 .. Price of this Paper, Three-Half-Pence per Week. A fac-simile (from the original in the Bodleian Library, Oxford). Published as a Supplement to the "Reading Mercury" of July 8, 1882,on that Journal entering upon its 160th Year. 1882 Price: GBP 12.00 or USD 17.00

V11551 Lydon,A.F. GEMS FROM THE POETS 1885 Price: GBP 85.00 or USD 119.00

E74355 Aesop translated Samuel Croxall edited by Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend THE FABLES OF AESOP Translated into English by Samuel Croxall, D.D. With New Applications, Morals, &c. by the Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend, Editor of "The Arabian Nights' Entertainments" .. With Eighty Original Illustrations. 1887 by inscription Price: GBP 30.00 or USD 42.00

V71384 Verne,Jules (1828-1905) ETOILE DU SUD Le Pays des Diamants 1890 approx) Price: GBP 55.00 or USD 77.00

J69180 Anon THE BENEVOLENT WOODCUTTER. Translated from the German. And other Pretty Tales. 1890s Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 11.00

J74737 Bramhall, Mae St. John JAPANESE JINGLES 1893 Price: GBP 75.00 or USD 105.00

J71972 Montfort,Lillie ROSA'S CHRISTMAS INVITATIONS: and other Stories. 1895 from inscription Price: GBP 18.00 or USD 25.00

J73010 R.,A. [Annie Rylands] LEFT TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES By A. R., Author of 'Dots and Gwinnie,' etc. 1896 Price: GBP 19.00 or USD 27.00

J68544 Forster,William J. CHARLIE'S YEAR AT THE FARM 1896 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

X13057 Anon PETIT COMMISSIONNAIRE .. ouvrage pour la jeunesse imite de l'Anglais 1896 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

B59681 Sharpe,R. Bowdler BIRDS OF GREAT BRITAIN Vol.II 1896, 1897 approx) Price: GBP 24.00 or USD 34.00

V73267 Houghton, Rev. W[illiam] (1828-1895) BRITISH FRESH-WATER FISHES by the Rev. W. Houghton, M.A., F.L.S. Author of "Seaside Walks of a Naturalist, &c. Third edition illustrated with numerous engravings. 1900 Price: GBP 25.00 or USD 35.00

X4614 Fleuriot,Senaide TRANQUILLE ET TOURBILLON 1901 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

J72125 Robbins,Louis DUTCH DOLL DITTIES written and illustrated with Photographs by Louis Robbins 1904 Price: GBP 95.00 or USD 133.00

F13837 Pollard,Alfred W ENGLISH MIRACLE PLAYS Moralities & Interludes 1909 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

A71830 Parnwell,E.C. (chosen & edited by) VICTORIAN ESSAYS 1932 Price: GBP 10.00 or USD 14.00

N4641 Daglish, Eric Fitch THE DOG OWNER'S GUIDE 1933 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

V46405 Faulkner, William (1897-1962) A GREEN BOUGH 1933 Price: GBP 175.00 or USD 245.00

L53683 Gee, H.L. THE NODDING WOLD A friendly man's account of what he found there and the people he met 1943 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

A3072 Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528) with a commentary in German, English and French by Edward E. Shriever DAS MARIENLEBEN Eine Holzschnittfolge von 20 Tafeln 1946 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 3.00

E1821 Rayner,John (notes by) (Bewick illustrations) A SELECTION OF ENGRAVINGS ON WOOD BY THOMAS BEWICK 1947 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

F57949 Linklater, Eric SEALSKIN TROUSERS AND OTHER STORIES 1947 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

C58103 Barlow,T.D. WOODCUTS OF ALBRECHT DURER 1948 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

E59064 REYNOLDS,Graham (Bewick illustrator) Thomas BEWICK, A resume of his Life and Work 1949 Price: GBP 10.00 or USD 14.00

X9246 Liermann,Hans RICHTER, SCHRIEBER, ADVOKATEN 1957 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

F64126 Saikaku,Ihara (translated into English by William Theodore de Bry) FIVE JAPANESE LOVE STORIES (Koshoku Gonin Onna) 1958 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 9.00

J56641 Skillin,David BEFORE THE HARVEST CAME 1978 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

J6423 Geldart,T STORIES OF ENGLAND & Her 40 Counties N D Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 10.00

L1028 BURTON,Edmund COTSWOLDS CALLING N D Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

X14087 Richter,Ludwig) FAIRY TALES, CHILDREN'S PLAY, SONGS HYMNS & POEMS N D Price: GBP 15.00 or USD 21.00

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