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Catalogue of Military Books

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A74741 John Player and Sons Ltd. R.A.F. BADGES + AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL AIR FORCE + MODERN NAVAL CRAFT 1937, 1938, 1939 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

V67349 Kampen,Albert Von FIFTEEN MAPS ILLUSTRATING CAESAR's GALLIC WAR by Albert Von Kampen. Edited by James S.Stallybrass 1880 Price: GBP 12.00 or USD 16.00

J73036 Lear, Edward (1812-1888) THE JUMBLIES & THE DONG WITH A LUMINOUS NOSE Illustrated by Edward Gorey 1982 Price: GBP 40.00 or USD 52.00

F10755 MacLean,Alistair FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE 1968 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

L10756 Mais,S.P.B (R.A.Maynard illustrator) ARDEN & AVON 1951 Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

A12063 McForan,Desmond WORLD HELD HOSTAGE War Waged by International Terrorism 1986 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

V71514 Meteren,Emanuel van (1535-1612) with 2nd Work edited by Gaspar Ens HISTORIA BELGICA Nostri Potissimum Temporis Belgii sub Quatuor Burgundis & totidem Austriacis Principibus coniunctionem et gubernationem breviter. Turbas autem, Bella et Mutationes tempore Regis Philippi .. ad annum usque 1598 plenius complectens conscripta .. A.E. Meterano Belga [bound with] BELLI CIVILIS IN BELGIO .. HISTORIA .. Concinnatum a Gaspare Ens L. 1598], 1610 but no date given for 1st Work Price: GBP 750.00 or USD 982.00

V69033 MILTON,John PRO POPULO ANGLICANO DEFENSIO contra Claudii anonymi, alias Salmasii, Defensionem Regiam .. 1652 Price: GBP 250.00 or USD 328.00

A11525 Mondey,David AIRCRAFT 1975 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 2.00

V65567 Nieupoort,G.H. RITUUM QUI OLIM APUD ROMANOS OBTINUERUNT Succincta Explicatio .. 1743 Price: GBP 100.00 or USD 131.00

J70767 Overend,Mrs.Campbell (translated by and adapted) FRED THE APPRENTICE 1890 approx. Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

J73820 Phillips, Lydia THE CHILDREN OF BROOKFIELD HALL 1926 by prize inscription Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 10.00

A14873 Pitt,Roxane COURAGE OF FEAR 1957 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

A73176 Raggett, G.F. SAINT GEORGE THE MARTYR the Patron Saint of England Dedicated by special Permission to Vice Admiral Sir Roger Keyes, K.C.B., &c. by G.F. Raggett, R.N. Retired List 1919 according to British Library Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

V71513 Raguenet,François (1660?-1722)] (but no author given) HISTOIRE D'OLIVIER CROMWEL [Oliver Cromwell] 1691 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 262.00

F72807 Reeman,Douglas RENDEVOUS - SOUTH ATLANTIC 1974 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

V65991 Riecke, C[arl] F[riedrich] DER KRIEGS- UND FRIEDENS-TYPHUS IN DEN ARMEEN .. Mit besonderer Ru¨cksicht auf die Ko¨niglich Preuss. Arme´e. 1848 Price: GBP 55.00 or USD 72.00

A52028 Roe,F. Gordon BRONZE CROSS A Tribute to those who Won the Supreme Award for Valour in 1940-45. N D Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 9.00

F69611 Rowse,A.L. POEMS OF DELIVERANCE 1946 Price: GBP 3.00 or USD 4.00

A72693 Royal Family THE ROYAL FAMILY IN WARTIME - The Illustrated Story of the Activities of the Royal Family in the Service of People and Empire 1945 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 2.00

A14875 Russell,John SHAKESPEARE'S COUNTRY 1942 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

A53296 Russell,John SHAKESPEARE'S COUNTRY 1946 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

V70275 Salmasius,Claude] (1588-1653) DEFENSIO REGIA PRO CAROLO I ad serenissimum Magnae Britanniae Regem Carolum II,filium natu majorem,heredem & successorem legitimum. 1650 Price: GBP 140.00 or USD 183.00

J73034 Sassoon, Siegfried, Cynthia Asquith, Laurian Jones and others MY FIRST HORSE 1947 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

J60380 Star Wars STAR WARS EPISODE 1 Great Big Flap Book 1999 Price: GBP 2.00 or USD 2.00

V68839 Stubbe,Henry JUSTIFICATION OF THE PRESENT WAR. AGAINST THE UNITED NETHERLANDS. Wherein the declaration of His Majesty is vindicated and the war proved to be Just, Honourable and Necessary. The Dominion of the Sea explained and his Majesties Rights thereunto Asserted .. ILLUSTRATED with sculptures 1673 Price: GBP 185.00 or USD 242.00

J67617 Terrell,Dorothy A. Beckett SISTER-IN-CHIEF (the £250 Prize Story for Girls) 1912 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

A74762 The Army at War THE EIGHTH ARMY September 1941 to January 1943 prepared for the War Office by the Ministry of Information 1943-1944 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

V48752 Thorne,James RAMBLES BY RIVERS, The Avon 1845 Price: GBP 18.00 or USD 24.00

A17693 Trewin,J.C. & Philip Cleave SHAKESPEARE'S COUNTRY IN PICTURES 1951 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 2.00

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