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Catalogue of Antiquarian Books (1700-1900)

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Books 541 to 564






X49714 Gotthelf,Jeremias (W. Vigier illustrator) BAUERN-SPIEGEL: Elsi, die Seltsame Magd; Sonntag des Grossvaters nach dem originaltexte herausgegeben von Prof.Otto Sutermeister 1894 approx) Price: GBP 24.00 or USD 31.00

A72923 G.,J. FRENCH GEMS: With English Reflections in Verse. A French-English Souvenir. 1895 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

B62906 Matt,Uncle AROUND A CORNFIELD in a Ramble after Wild Flowers 1895 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

F52436 Du Maurier,George PETER IBBETSON .. introduction by His Cousin Lady *** (Madge Plunket) 1895 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 6.00

A66806 Laurie,Dr. revised, enlarged, brought to date by R.S. Gutteridge M.D. HOMOEOPATHIC GUIDE FOR FAMILY USE 1895 approx) Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

A70514 Author of "Maid Marjory", "Little Hinges" &c. CLEVER FRANK and Other Stories 1895 by Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

X13057 Anon PETIT COMMISSIONNAIRE .. ouvrage pour la jeunesse imite de l'Anglais 1896 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 5.00

F59839 Dumas,Alexandre THREE MUSKETEERS 1896 Price: GBP 5.00 or USD 7.00

F64115 Browning, Elizabeth Barrett POEMS .. Selected and Arranged by Mr. Robert Browning 1896 Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 11.00

B59681 Sharpe,R. Bowdler BIRDS OF GREAT BRITAIN Vol.II 1896, 1897 approx) Price: GBP 24.00 or USD 31.00

A73648 A Lady of the Court VICTORIA'S GOLDEN REIGN A Record of Sixty Years as Maid,Mother,and Ruler. 1897 Price: GBP 4.00 or USD 6.00

V74234 Pearson, Leonard & B.H. Warren Part I DISEASES OF POULTRY Part II ENEMIES OF POULTRY (the two parts in One volume) 1897 Price: GBP 62.00 or USD 81.00

A72969 Freeman,Edward A. GENERAL SKETCH OF EUROPEAN HISTORY 1898 Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 10.00

A67839 Matthew,James E. HANDBOOK OF MUSICAL HISTORY And Bibliography From St Gregory To The Present Time 1898 Price: GBP 10.00 or USD 13.00

V61331 Browning, Robert THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN 1898 Price: GBP 200.00 or USD 262.00

V58598 Kirby, W. F. EUROPEAN BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS With 61 Coloured Plates based on Berge's "Schmetterlingsbuch" 1898 Price: GBP 155.00 or USD 203.00

C17408 Tuer,Andrew W. PAGES & PICTURES FROM FORGOTTEN CHILDREN'S BOOKS 1898, 1899 Price: GBP 22.00 or USD 29.00

F7424 Hunt,Wray ESSAYS (including POEMS at end) 1899 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 9.00

A59771 Moulton,W. Fiddian & James Hope Moulton WILLIAM F. MOULTON A Memoir 1899 Price: GBP 6.00 or USD 8.00

A74188 Haverfield, Prof. F. (but not here stated) ROMAN BRITAIN extract from the EDINBURGH REVIEW April 1899 1899 Price: GBP 1.00 or USD 1.00

A48484 Dobson, Edward editor and E. Wyndham Tarn THE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO THE PRACTICE OF MEASURING AND VALUING ARTIFICERS' WORKS. Containing Directions for Taking Dimensions .. Seventh Edition, Revised. With Eight Plates and Sixt-Three Woodcuts. 1899 Price: GBP 14.00 or USD 18.00

A72034 Lessing,Gotthold Ephraim (1729-1781) edited by Dr. Theodor Matthias LESSINGS WERKE in sechs Baenden [Bd. 1-6 complete in 3 Volumes] mit einem Bildnis Lessings, sowie einer Einleitung ueber Lessings Leben und Schriften von Dr. Theodor Matthias. 1899 approx] Price: GBP 12.00 or USD 16.00

C17423 Tuer,Andrew W. STORIES FROM OLD-FASHIONED CHILDREN'S BOOKS 1899, 1900 Price: GBP 22.00 or USD 29.00

A74628 Sonnenschein, E.A. A GREEK GRAMMAR Schools PART I ACCIDENCE Part II SYNTAX- Based on the Principles and Requirements of the Grammatical Society 1899, 1901 Price: GBP 8.00 or USD 10.00

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